About us

At Splat Paint House,
there is no normal.

A space dedicated to mess, to expression, to play.

Feeling stressed, creative or just in the mood for some fun? Grab a canvas, some paint, and discover art in a way you never imagined. When you’re not bound by rules, or copying a picture, it’s amazing what anyone can create! Fun for all ages - Jackson Pollock knew what’s up.


Book a timeslot, or walk in.

Dress in clothes that you do not mind getting dirty or suit up in our coveralls. Shoe covers, hair nets and gloves provided.


A short briefing.

Our hosts will introduce you to some techniques. It’s not a class, but might inspire you or get the creative juices flowing! Choose your paint colours.


Splatter time!

Hang your painting straight on our walls or choose to use the tables. Use both! Discover tools you never knew could be used to create art. Everything is fair game


Canvas completed.

“What separates the best artists from the good ones is knowing when to stop.” We made that up. But only you can decide when your painting is done! Leave it on our racks to dry, and perhaps create another one.


An artist is born.

Paintings generally take 48 hours to dry. Come pick up your masterpiece!

Upcoming Events.

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